A luxury artisan. That's the way Bruna Besso Pianetto likes to be defined. She is the founder and creative director of haute couture, leather and bridal high fashion brand named “Bruna Couture”. Her workshop, always in great turmoil for the boundless creativity of this designer full of stylistic ideas, is based at Verzuolo (Cuneo), in the heart of Piemonte. The passion for fashion has born with her; as a child refuses to go to bed if not clinched anything and grade in school who asks her what it means to grow up always responds will one day become a fashion designer.

A very resolute woman able to actually transform his dream girl, reconciling family and work and creating its own laboratory where in addition to devising sumptuous collections of Haute Couture and ceremony dresses and on demand very glamour and feminine wedding gowns, she devoted herself to hergreat passion for the leather, in particular for the tassel, her favorite material available in many colors and often used also in patchwork. Tassel is for her the biggest passion. Her outerwear and tassel leather dresses are an example of the highest craftsmanship: sartorially built perfectly thanks to her hands of gold that all know about the secrets of fashion, every sketches come alive becoming in an absoluteoly unique item. Uniqueness, in fact, is one of the most important keyword to understand beauty and splendor of the Bruna Couture's worls, an universe where the real artisan realizes only unique pieces: it  will never exist in the world a copy, at most some variant, but every creations signed by Bruna Couture, from the sketch modeling up to completion is a process voted to create garments that are alway one of a kind, to the great satisfaction of its customers, happy to wear a dress totally unique.

The high craftsmanship is twisted with tradition and innovation. Bruna Couture'style is bon ton, ladylike, thinked for an elegant ad sophisticated woman that is an absolute lover of well done and flawless style. Even the bride that chooses to wear a Bruna Couture's creations is a woman who wishes to wear in her more romantic day a dress that no other ever before she ever sported. In a world of people dressing serially and think serially, following without fashion trends without critical spirit, Bruna Couture is that happy island, almost an Eden where it enters only a a spirited customer, ready to experiment new shapes and silhouettes because she deires that the moment that she will wear the item will be in this way even more unique. Absolutely remarkable are the interchangeable creations, often embroidered with crystal swarovsky (sewn not only glued) to enahance the model with glamour. This collection is really amazing because it's possible deriving  two items from one, allowing the wearer to show off a model during the day and another one totally different in the evening. Perfect for a drink with friends or for a very busy woman who wants to go out at night but doesn't have time to go home to change clothes, this amazing two in one tassel leather creations by Bruna Couture have a modern, fresh and original attitude. This is the real great italian craftsmanship: search for new roads to travel to draw unexpected and interesting itineraries for people.

Here, then, that back to Bruna Besso Pianetto the definition that she loves over all: more than a fashion designer she feels a genuine "luxury artisan", which in these days is almost a noble title because the great artisan can really do whaterver he wants in the name of the highest Made in Italy.

It's at the craftsman that fashion watch for the latest news on industry, fine and innovative workmanship, new solutions to modelling and embroidery ... There is more expertise, creativity and ability to revolutionize the world of fashion in a workshop that in the usual big company.

Awarded "Eccellenza Aertigiana”, Bruna Besso Pianetto has the privilege to accompany its logo with the symbol of "Eccellenza Artigiana" which is the definitive consecration of an innate and extraordinary talent of a child become woman bringing with her, tattooed in her soul, that dream never forgot, but always chased and reached with grit and determination.



Stefano Casiraghi
Michele Ballarini
Emiliano Sciandra
Andrea Morrea

Bruna Couture thanks the photpgraphers for collaboration

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